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Prezidentská chata has an impressive history, which we would like to present to you here. Will you help our lodge create more milestones with us?


Fundation stone

Sunday, 24 June 1928 was the celebrated day of the laying of the foundation stone of the Spolkový dům Přátel přírody (Naturfreundenhaus / the Friends of Nature Association House). Members of the Association had wanted to have their own house for quite some time, and preparations for this stone-and-timber building beneath the ridge of the Královka took several years.


Opening for public

The celebratory opening, during which the association house was presented to the public, took place 23 June 1929, exactly one year after the laying of the foundation stone. This was also the culmination of the five-year effort of the Friends of Nature Association to build its own house. At the time of its opening, the lodge boasted eleven rooms with a total occupancy of 44 people.



Next fortunes

The lodge came under the Office of the President of the Republic, and in the following years functioned as recreational facilities for its employees. The lodge was not open to the public, was not even marked on tourist maps, and the access road was closed off with a barrier.



Resumption of Prezidentská

This was a turning point for Prezidentská—after over 50 years, the lodge was once again open to the public and all passers-by. The earlier caretakers leased the lodge from the government. Since 1996, they managed it under the Ještěd spol. s.r.o. organisation, which marked the beginning of our operations here at Prezidentská.


Selling of Prezidentská

For about a decade, the Office of the President had been weighing their options of getting rid of the lodge and selling it, which is why they always only gave us one-year contracts. The government finally decided to sell the lodge to the highest bidder without taking its future use into consideration. In August 2011, after 20 years at Prezidentská chata, we were given a month to empty the lodge, let go all of the staff, and sell all of the furnishings. The new owner closed the lodge down.

In a sign of reconstruction

A year dedicated to renovations. "After twenty years of operation, I had a clear idea of what the lodge needed," remarked Petr Šmaus, who was in charge of Prezidentská chata's renovations. His primary focus was to preserve as much as possible of the original, sturdy character of the lodge while offering guests modern comforts. This is why the stairs still creak and the wooden walls are still crooked. At night, however, you can sink into a comfortable bed, having enjoyed some time in the sauna beforehand.



Prezidentská celebrates

We have been managing Prezidentská chata for 25 years, and we will be happy to toast this momentous fact with you!